Drive QRS Foot Plate
Drive QRS Foot Plate
Drive QRS Foot Plate
Drive QRS Foot Plate

Drive QRS Foot Plate

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Introducing the all-new Drive QRS (Quick Release System) by Bont Rowing. Featuring a fully adjustable design and easy-to-use operation, Drive will change the way rowers and clubs think about quick release systems.

Built using marine-grade components including Titanium, carbon composites and 316 stainless steel fittings, Drive QRS is designed to go the distance and specifically tailored to meet the demands of life on the water

The Bont Rowing Drive QRS Foot Plate includes all parts required for fitment of the Drive QRS onto one foot stretcher. 

    Lighter, Stronger, Faster and safer

    Water safety

    Bont Rowing shoes are designed to the highest possible safety standards to ensure you're kept safe on the water during every session.  


    The Bont Rowing Difference

    Anatomically correct rowing shoes

    Bont Rowing is driven to delivering the world's very best rowing shoes. Built using a true anatomical design backed by athlete foot scans, foot force data and feedback from all levels of rowing, Bont Rowing shoes blend comfort, stability and efficiency without compromise. Featuring mid arch support, carbon fiber heel cup, carbon fiber forefoot cradle and Split Sole construction, Bont Rowing shoes cater for correct fit while providing lateral support for steering, control, connection and load.

    Trusted by the world's best

    Backed by more than 40 years of experience, Bont Rowing shoes use a carbon Split Sole built around an anatomically correct design and bend point for improved performance and comfort. Harnessing the design and manufacturing expertise of the industry-leading Bont Cycling brand – renowned for science-based technical innovation – we understand the importance of materials and products for high-performance footwear. Since launch, Bont Rowing shoes have already been worn to more than 100 medals at world level.

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